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Collect customer data

  • Save your customers profiles and preferences using drop-down lists and single-choice, multiple-choice or free customizable input fields

  • Archive all transactional data made by and with your customers: detailed history of their purchases, gifts and samples received, products recommended at the point of sale, gifts and loyalty bonuses awarded, mailings sent

  • Analyze and maintain the quality of your customer data using tools for de-duplication, formatting batch values, or identifying active and inactive customers

Analyze and target your customers

  • A powerful customer selection module allowing you to extract, from fully configurable combinations of criteria, the customers corresponding to the profile(s) and purchasing behaviour (s) you are targeting

  • A module for building customizable analyses of customer transactional data

  • Various modules for analyzing purchase correlations, product replenishment trends or loyalty levels achieved

Initiate your actions

  • Carry out multi-channel communication and propose personalised and attractive offers, according to segmentation,
    defined by analysis, which reflects the structure and trends of your market.¨

  • Create and associate your promotional campaigns with previously identified customer target groups

  • Create and adapt your loyalty programs to reward your best customers or attract new customers


Free support

Free support



  • Winparf Supply Chain automatically calculates the optimal restocking orders according to the needs to be fulfilled based on order frequencies, supplier-specific delivery times and delivery days, in accordance to the sales forecasts, the company's available stocks and ideal stocks that have been indicated, pending orders and the user-defined regulations.

      Inventory allocation and stock control

  • A restocking management module that defines the inter-warehouse product transfers to be carried out so that the maximum number of items tend towards their ideal stock, thus allowing the company's overall stock to be balanced as best as possible without new stock entries

  • A manual module for inter-store transfers to cover a precise need

  • Various inventory modules are available to users for the realization of a completed or revolving inventory:

      Inventory control and forecasting needs

  • Various inventory modules are at the disposal of the users for the realization of either completed or rotating stock inventories

  • The statistical tools of the Winparf solution allow analyzing the performance of products and customer purchases for a more efficient forecasting thanks to:

      Sales analysis and hit charts,

      CRM analyses (re-purchasing, purchase correlation, etc.



Sales management


Winparf POS guarantees a secure and optimal collection and customizable environment, for example:

  • Personalized presentation of your documents (tickets, invoices)

  • Automatic discounts

  • Management of tax deductions and linking with the main operators on the market


Purchasing management

  • Automated order preparation and proposal based on existing stock, optimal stock level and pending orders

  • Order reception by barcode scanning and control of expected quantities

  • Inventory management


Analyses and performance indicators

  • Winparf POS allows you to supervise your activity and measure the efficiency of your sales force

  • Daily data in real-time

  • Control of the daily target

  • Turnover and key indicators for the store, from each check-out, and for each consultant



Winparf SAAS

  • With the cloud Computing and the Winparf Hosted solutions, reduce your operational IT costs and customize your infrastructure to your business cycles


  • The cloud computing will allow you to focus on your core business while we take care of the maintenance and updating of your software


  • Winparf Hosted is an offer:
    Complete: Winparf Hosted includes every part of the Winparf suite, from the POS to Supply Chain through CRM
    Evolutive: Winparf fits your needs. Now, you have the possibility of renting a till for a determined duration, depending on your activity peaks


  • Simple and Secured: Winparf Hosted includes software, remote access, support, maintenance. Your data are in a secured data-centre to reduce the risks.




For companies willing to host their infrastructure themselves, we provide everything you need to virtualize the implementation so that you can ease maintenance, optimize energy consumption and increase service availability.



Winparf Private Cloud solution allowed you to outsource your IT while still having your dedicated infrastructure. With it, you can have a long-term visibility on your IT costs thanks to our solutions including hosting, virtualization, software and support.



This solution was designed for companies willing to cut the costs thanks to the sharing of the Winparf datacenter resources. This is the ideal solution for small and medium structure willing to move to cloud solutions.

Discover all the functionalities of this solution in our brochure.













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