A single solution to meet three main business demands


  • Simplified transactions: search/select a customer, scan items, make payment.


  • By maintaining efficient checkout operations: Click and collect


  • Cross-promotions: apply for a promotion in real-time according to complex criteria


  • Management of stock returns, receipt of re-stocking orders.


  • Customer management in the point of sale: creation, modification, and loyalty ...


  • Mobile: our application is available on Apple iOS (iPhone, iPad).


  • Our solution is integrated with the main payment providers: Adyen, Ingenico and easily integrated with counters,


  • TAX solutions 


  • A range of tools to manage all your back office-based logistical and commercial needs


  • Article reference: code your articles yourself or directly integrate a comprehensive catalogue supplied and maintained, as an alternative, by our partner Parkod.


  • Stocks :Restocking orders: order creation according to estimated demands, order receipts and quantity verification.
    Inventory management
    Transfers and returns


  • B2B invoicing: management of customer invoicing outside the point of sale.


  • Warehouse management: item picking Tariff management: purchase prices, sales prices per store.


  • Reporting: a wide range of reports to accurately monitor your various KPIs.


  • Customer relationship management is a successful development strategy for the company. 


  • Recruiting new customers, developing and retaining customers are key factors in its success. In fact, customer loyalty and a lasting relationship are worthwhile for the company because they contribute to its future growth prospects.


  • The Winparf CRM solution has been designed to help you develop effective sales strategies that will serve as effective tools to optimize your customer capital and allow you :


  • Increase your recruitment rate:to identify your most profitable customers, to maintain the long-standing relationship with each customer and their commitment to the brand,


  • to boost the profits generated by your customers.


The Winparf POS’ solution has been designed to guide you on a daily basis through all activities within your point of sales while providing indicators that will allow you to effectively manage your point of sales.


Our CRM module improves the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns thanks to advanced customers selections and customizable loyalty programs.


Winparf helps you to optimize your supply chain giving you quick access to your stocks and highlighting sleeping products, overstocks or in deletions.


Computing cloud solution will allow you to focus on your core business while we take care of the maintenance and updating of your software.

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